No-Budget Filmmaking

I’ve shot an indie film this year. Like many other first-time feature filmmakers, I’ve done that, in an inexpensive way. This days, there are no excuses to not do it. And filmmaker with passion and a story can make a film. But still so many of my friends and colleges, won’t shoot one. Why?


The reality is, that your audience doesn’t care if the film is an indie, made for almost nothing. As long as the story is great. Of course, you need this days, with all the high definition phones, tablets and laptops, a good camera. But I the story is captivating, that’s already a very good start.  


With an indie film, you also won’t have that huge pressure to make your budget back. Because in case your movie, like mine, cost less than 20k, you will “only” need to sell 4000 VOD downloads, if it cost $10. (Usually you need to split your earnings with a selling homepage, that’s why you need 4000 downloads). 


I’ve had the experience, that it won’t happen, that a production company will finance my movie. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t mean, it could happen in the future. Hopefully it will. But I think the days some investors will approach you, are gone. 





That’s why is important to just make your first feature. Just the first reason should be enough. “NO, we don’t work with first time filmmakers.”

Once you have shot and edited your first feature, that sentence is not applicable on you anymore. 


Look at the resources you have now. And figure out a story and a movie to make. Specially you will need to think creatively. Usually we are afraid. We fear it won’t be good. We won’t find talent or sell the movie. But if you but your fear to the side, you’ll see that you won’t be able to answer those questions anyway. 

So now, start to think for a possible story and start writing. Focus on only a few characters and limited locations. Maybe only one. I’ve had only around 3 locations in my first feature and it worked fine 

Make your movie now and have fun.